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Search for the server specs you need. Choose from clouds all over the world. Deploy in a couple of clicks.

Transparent cloud hosting. At last.

When every cloud provider makes the same claims about price, performance and uptime, how do you know who to choose? is the first truly transparent marketplace for global cloud infrastructure. You can deploy servers on clouds all over the world, get independently-verified data about price, performance and uptime, and manage everything through one control panel.

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Streamlined. Unified. Simple.

Life’s too short to spend time managing different accounts, log-ins and invoices just because you need servers in more than one place at once.

With you can host your applications wherever you like, with as many cloud providers as you like, and do it all through one account - with one unified monthly invoice, and one place to go for support.

Total Transparency

We give you a simple way to compare clouds from the world's best providers, and choose where to deploy based on independently-verified data about each cloud available.

Choose one or more regions to deploy in
Check real-time data on each cloud
We benchmark and monitor each cloud in the marketplace, so you can make an informed decision about where to host.
Pick the price/performance you need
Servers in the marketplace are priced per hour, up to a maximum 672 hours (28 days) in each monthly billing period.
The marketplace puts global scale at your fingertips. Deploy one cloud server or a thousand, in cities all over the world.
Deploy your apps with the provider, location, OS, price and performance you want.
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Interoperability = easy migration.

With you can easily scale and move servers between providers and locations. No vendor lock-in. No technology lock-in. Just easy migration whenever you want.

What the industry is saying

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