What is Cloud.net?

Cloud.net is the first global marketplace for public cloud hosting. We give you a simple way to compare cloud providers all over the world, and then deploy your applications wherever you like with just a few cliks, using one simple control panel.

Freedom of choice

We put the world's best cloud providers at your fingertips, with a huge range price and performance options available for your apps. You can create cloud servers at locations across the US, Europe and Asia, with more coming online all the time.

It's all managed through one account and one control panel, with one invoice and one place to get support - however many providers or locations you use.

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Massive scale

The Cloud.net marketplace puts global cloud capacity at your fingertips, with way more scale than any single provider can offer. You can deploy one cloud server or a thousand, in cities all over the world.

Easy price comparison

Why trawl through hundreds of cloud websites? We give you a simple way to compare clouds from the world's best providers, and find capacity with the price and performance you need.

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Did you know?

Cloud.net can bring you this freedom of choice and scale because it runs on the OnApp Federation - a global network of clouds powered by OnApp, the leading cloud platform for service providers.

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Total transparency

You can use Cloud.net to deploy your apps with the provider you want, at the location you want, with the OS and apps you want. Whatever combination of providers you choose, we look after your account, your service, your bill and support.

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Unified billing

Why spend time managing different accounts with different providers? You can host your applications in the cloud, wherever you like, and get one unified monthly bill – no matter how many providers or locations you use.

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